Two Settings

These days, Nora has only two settings:

And destruction


BYU Women's Conference 2012

My sister, Kori, was asked to speak at Women's Conference at BYU this year, and I got to go out to Utah to hear her speak.  She spoke about the benefits of eating at home and how to do it practically.
Here are most of the people that came to support her.  She did such a wonderful job speaking, and I'm so glad that I could be out there to hear her.
With my sister and mother.

My grandmother had just gone through major heart surgery the week before I got there, so I was able to go visit my grandparents and see how she was recovering.
Nora playing with her Great-Grandpa Alleman
With my grandparents.  If nobody had told me that my grandma had just had heart surgery 5 days previous, I wouldn't have known by the way she looked and acted. 
Alleman Clan
I just loved these pictures my dad took of Nora after her bath.  What a sweet baby.

Beach Bums

We got to go to Charleston, South Carolina, to visit Ryan's family and see his brother, Collin, graduate from high school.  We did lots of fun things like bowling, basketball, eating great food, visiting with family, playing lots of games, and going to the beach.  They kids had so much fun in the sand.
 Max being buried halfway
 and getting himself out.
 Chris under the sand.
 Max buried all the way to his chin, with his floaties on of course.  Did he even get close to going in the water?  Nope.  But he wouldn't take those things off his arms.
 Even Nora got in on the action.  She loved the sand.
Maybe a little too much.
We had so much fun on our first trip to the beach, that we had to go again.
 Max didn't want to go anywhere near the water, so he stayed up on the beach.
 Chris was fearless, though and we kept having to call him back because he was getting too deep.
 He loved jumping in the waves.

 Nora loved eating sand.

 Well, I don't know if she loved it, but she kept on doing.

 And we built a sandcastle.

This is Nora right before she destroyed the sandcastle.  She looks pretty excited about all the destruction she's about to do.


She loves her brothers

Preschool Graduation

Max completed his first year of preschool.  He will be going to the same preschool next year, but they always have a graduation ceremony for the kids at the end of the year. 
 The head teacher spotlights each student and tells what the teachers think they will grow up to be.  According to their predictions, Max will be a great airline pilot because of his calm and pleasant disposition.  

Avengers Extravaganza

In anticipation of the Avengers movie coming out, we watched some of the individual movies that lead up to the Avengers (Incredible Hulk, Ironman, Thor, Captain America).  We also made shirts to show our support for the team:
 Captain America
 Incredible Hulk
 Black Widow and Thor
The Whole Team
We had a great time as a family going to see the movie in a movie theater.  Plus, Nora slept almost the entire time.  It was really fun to get into the superhero spirit.


May the Fourth Be With You

The beginning of May has a very important holiday in our house: Star Wars Day.

For breakfast, we had Star Wars pancakes, including some moons of Endor pancakes.
 The boys built their own lightsabers while watching Episode 4, all while wearing appropriate attire. 
 And we even did a Star Wars Craft out of the Star Wars Craft Book my sister got the boys for Christmas.  Here you see the Yoda Felt Doll.  Made it together we did.